What Nancy has done for so many at Evolution Hypnotherapy Services is beyond magical, and I can speak from personal experience. I say magical in terms of how its turned my life (and so many other lives) around, however, when you study the power of the subconscious mind and how hypnotherapy works, it makes pure sense - and it makes you wonder why you haven't tried it years ago, and why so many people are not aware of hypnotherapy. A person doesn't have to be completely "broken" to get the positive effects of hypnotherapy, anyone can get so much out of it, and turn their lives around in unexpected ways. Nancy also takes it to the next level by really getting to know her clients and going above and beyond, and becoming a trusted confidante. Nancy has brought love, peace, and happiness to my life that I never knew was missing in the first place - and I'll forever be thankful for her

Rasha Faisal

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